Skiathos is an island of the Sporades and one of the most beautiful destinations in Greece. Holidays in Skiathos include diving on wonderful beaches with impeccable beach service, strolls in scenic alleys and vibrant nightlife combining relaxation, tranquility and fun. The town of Skiathos, a modern holiday resort with excellent tourist infrastructure, is the only settlement of the island. Located at the southeast the island in a windy bay that separates the island of “Bourtzi”. Trademark has always been the great natural harbor. Today it is a haven for pleasure boats, which gives the island a strong cosmopolitan character. Walking in the settlement, the visitor is enchanted by the paved pedestrian area, the green pines, the whitewashed houses, the bars, the cafes, the restaurants and the picturesque harbor that ensures four green islands. Skiathos is full of liveliness and is the most idyllic Greek islands for holidays.

skiathos on map
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