Santorini belongs to the insular complex of Cyclades in the southern Aegean. It is a complex of 5 islands. The strange beauty of this island is a result of a volcanic eruption which took place about 3.500 years ago. After the eruption, a big part of it sank into the sea giving it its current shape. The submerge of Santorini is connected to the legend of the lost Atlantis, which is said to disappear during this catastrophic eruption. Today Santorini is one of the most beautiful islands in Greece and one of the most popular destinations in the world. The whole island is a sight. There are many archaeological places to be visited, such as “Akrotiri” and Ancient “Thira”. Famous for the majestic whitewashed buildings on the edge of the cliffs, with picturesque hamlets, paved alleys and impressive churches that shine in the light. Green waters, red and black rocks in an enchanting landscape. Full of loving couples flocking each year to the volcanic island to enjoy the famous and romantic sunset of Santorini. From the 1980s until now thousands of couples from all over the world have chosen the island to marry or to spend their honeymoon in this unique island that leaves no one untouched.

santorini on map
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