Mykonos, the most famous island in the Aegean Sea, belongs to the Cyclades and is one of the most lovely and popular destinations in Greece and all over the world. Her name indicates the “pile of stones”, as according to myths, the Giants who were killed by Hercules during the Battle of Giants are buried under the imposing rocky formations of Mykonos. Bright and cosmopolitan, it has been a magnet since 1960 until today for VIPs of the entire planet. Among other things, princes and tycoons, well-known models, Hollywood actors and world-class politicians, honor Mykonos with their presence on the island every summer. Not accidentally, it is voted in the top places of the best holiday destinations: excellent beaches, award-winning restaurants, fashion designer boutiques, endless mythical parties, expensive yachts, dreamy villas, beautiful people, high-level service. Golden sand, pebbles and crystal clear blue-green waters. Hundreds of cube-shaped houses with colorful doors and windows are surrounded by countless, labyrinthine paved alleys. A luxury destination that has it all and can even surprise the initiates in the luxurious life.

mykonos on map
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