The cosmopolitan Corfu (or Kerkyra) is the most famous island of the Ionian islands and one of the most popular in the Mediterranean. Corfu is the northern and the second largest island of the Ionian Islands. The name Corfu took it from the daughter of “Asopos”, “Korkyra”, who was brought here by God “Poseidon”. The attraction of thousands of visitors each year, but also a source of inspiration for all the arts, with a huge cultural heritage, has a special glamor, which, combined with its natural beauties, wonderful climate, beaches and interesting sights, one of the most attractive destinations. The capital of the island is a city-museum place with a great artistic tradition and a host of European influences being the most successful example of blending Greek and Western architecture. Italians, English, French, Russians, Greeks lived and left their mark on the island. Beautiful and romantic, with respect to her story and her tradition, Corfu teases those who are lucky to visit her.

Corfu on map
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