Air Transfer


The fleet of helicopters and jets is available for you to get you anywhere fast and comfortably.

agusta a109e



Fly for business or leisure to any destination in speed, style and safety. Apart from its striking aerodynamic silhouette, the cabin offers a spacious, quiet and luxurious environment, equipped with an air-conditioned leather seated interior, including a mini-bar.

Cessna 550



A top of the range Aircraft supported by experienced pilots, qualified ground personnel and state of the art maintenance facilities offer an unforgettable way of travel. The cabin is designed to be very quiet and is equipped with pedestal-mounted swivel chairs, has a hot and cold beverage area as well as a mini-bar. Externally, the aircraft has a spacious baggage compartment.

agusta A109A



Due to its Italian origin combines robust construction with elegance both on the outside as well as the interior. Besides its modern streamlined built, the cabin offers a spacious and rich environment with such details as leather seats, air-condition and is soundproofed against outside noise.

agusta A109c



One of the most prominent in its class, popularly used for executive transport worldwide. Its sleek shape and retractable undercarriage make the A109C one of the fastest and most comfortable helicopters in its class. Equipped with an air-conditioned custom leather seated interior, while also soundproofed against outside noise.

Eurocopter AS355



This helicopter provides excellent range, fast cruising speed and a high useful load, ensuring a quick and elite way to fly. Its interior offers a spacious VIP arrangement, equipped with customized leather seats an air-conditioned cabin, and also an enhanced soundproofing against outside noise.

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